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 Flexible air ductwork series
 Compound flexible air ductwork series
 PVC/Nylon flexible air duct series
 High temperature-resistant ductworks(industry use)
 Solder Fume Extractor
 Round ceiling diffuser series
 Square ceiling diffuser series
 Linear diffuser series
 Recessed diffuser series
 Return air diffuser series
 Jet diffuser series
 Air damper series
 Backdraft damper series
 Fire resistant damper series
 Air plenum box series
 Spiral & oval ductwork series
 Residual pressure damper & duct access door
 Silencer series
 Test report
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Solder Fume E
JHN - 10 Rect
JHN-3 Rectang
Nylon Fabric
FND Reinforce
AF Aluminum F
Round Duct Ha
RT3 - T Round Y
XPS Square Ro
CA-A Aluminiu
KD - T Backdf
AD-T Worm Gea



"Specialized in manufacturing a variety of flexible air duct series, diffusers series, spiral ducts, and HVAC hardware fittings"

The Jalhorn Air-conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd.  was founded in 1986.  Our head office is located in Linkou Industrial Zone in Taoyuan, Taiwan.  We had seen through the tremendous market demand for HVAC products. Therefore, we had established Dongguan branch office, named with Jalhorn Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd,  in 1998.  We also established two branch offices - Guangzhou office in 2008, and Shanhai Jiaxing office in 2009, respectively, in order to serve our worldwide customers more efficiently.
We see continuous innovation, excellent quality, professional services, and vision as our concept of management. The concept enables us to grow quickly and to become one of the leading flexible duct and HVAC parts manufacturers in the HVAC market. Our mission is to provide high quality and low price flexible ducts and HVAC products to our customers.  The two competitive advantages enable us to export the excellent products to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, the Middle East, and other foreign countries. 
The Concept of Management:
Continuous Innovation
   Our employees are full of passion to work together as a team .  We treat them as one of our valuable assets because their continuous innovation not only helps customers to solve the problem and to provide the solution but also enables us to grow constantly and becomes a competitive company in the global market. 
Excellent Quality
   Quality is always the top concern in our organization.  We continue to refine quality management process to ensure the products are delivered with excellent quality.  We believe that excellent quality with low price will keep our customer satisfied.
Professional Services
   We provide customers with a variety of HVAC products, customer services and delivery services to meet customer needs and requirement.
Responsibility and Goal
   Your request, comment, and advice in our products and services will be highly appreciated because we have responsibility to keep customer satisfied. 


"Our continuous growth comes from your great supports!! Your great supports enable Jalhorn to become one of the leading flexible duct and HVAC manufacturers in the world"


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